Ground cover plants shade. Black out shutters. Shade canopy.

Ground Cover Plants Shade

ground cover plants shade

    ground cover
  • groundcover: low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow

  • groundcover: small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor

  • Groundcover refers to any plant that grows over an area of ground, used to provide protection from erosion and drought, and to improve its aesthetic appearance (by concealing bare earth).

  • Low-growing, spreading plants that help to stop weeds from growing

  • Place a seed, bulb, or plant in (a place) to grow

  • (plant) buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"

  • (plant) implant: fix or set securely or deeply; "He planted a knee in the back of his opponent"; "The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum"

  • Bury (someone)

  • (plant) put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground; "Let's plant flowers in the garden"

  • Place (a seed, bulb, or plant) in the ground so that it can grow

  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of

  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on

  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color

  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"

  • shadow: cast a shadow over

  • Screen from direct light

Ground cover

Ground cover

Cornus canadensis, or bunchberry makes a good ground cover in the boreal forest. This plant tolerates shade and interacts nicely with logs, lichens, and other ground elements. In the late summer and fall the bright red berries are a stunning addition to the forest floor. Why don't we see more of this plant in northern cities?

pond edge ........... (s685)

pond edge  ........... (s685)

The plants were planted to cover the edge of a pond liner. The alchemilla Mollis on the LHS will grow well in shade. Both it and the golden marjoram next to it make excellent ground cover with the marjoram retaining it's leaves all winter.

ground cover plants shade

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